Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 2 159
Hard 7 338
Special 12 605
Length 2:53
BPM 140


Akari - 純白P

Akari - 純白P



【初音ミクV4X】Akari(full ver

【初音ミクV4X】Akari(full ver.)【オリジナルPV付】


答えてくれ 作られたココロ
巡り巡って どうして消えないの
徒爾に生まれ 矛盾のままで終え
練り込んだ色 機械ごと塗らして

ひとり 灰に漂って
一度 空見たんなら
二度と 戻れないさ

頼りない感情なんて わかる
逆らう 思考回路 嗚呼

答えてくれ 作られたココロ
巡り巡って どうして死ねないの
世界を救い 自分も消えるなら
こんなふうに 痛くないのでしょうか

偽りでも 信じたいんだから
この痛みも 癒してくれないか
鋭い光 矢に変えたんだから
混迷を破り 平和に戻らせた

やがて終わり ねじも削られて
わずかな明かり 照り落ちる歴史 

Kotaete kure tsukurareta kokoro 
meguri megutte dōshite kienai no 
toji ni umare mujun no mama de oe 
neri konda iro kikai-goto nura shite 

furui iseki no shita
hitori hai ni tadayotte 
ichido sora mita n'nara 
nidoto modorenai sa 

hito kara no akogare 
hajimete no mamori to 
tayorinai kanjō nante wakaru 
karada oku ni aru no 
hakai shōdō o hisshi ni 
sakarau shikō kairo aa 

kotaete kure tsukurareta kokoro 
meguri megutte dōshite shinenai no 
sekai wo sukui jibun mo kierunara 
kon'nafūni itakunai nodeshou ka 

itsuwari demo shinjitai ndakara 
kono itami mo iyashite kurenai ka 
surudoi hikari ya ni kaeta ndakara 
konmei o yaburi heiwa ni modora seta 

yagate owari neji mo kezura rete 
wazukana akari teri ochiru rekishi

Please answer me, man-constructed "heart"
I've paced back and forth thousands of times, why can I not disappear?
To be born in futility, to end in contradiction
The color of molten metal has infiltrated the entire machinery

Beneath ancient remnants, alone by myself
Drifting amongst dust
To witness a blue sky once,
There is no returning from (hard to erase it from memories)

Mankind still has more venerations
The initial protection are just unreliable feelings, I know this
From the depths of my body, the impulse to destroy
I suppress with all my will
To disobey my will, and devise a path to return, ahh

Please answer me, man constructed "heart", ahh
I've paced back and forth thousands of times, why can I not die?
If I could save this world and disappear myself
I would not be in so much insufferable pain (that I am in now)

Never mind if it's only an illusion, because I want to believe ahh
Can this suffering not be alleviated/healed?
A sharp light becomes arrows, penetrating the confusion of the era
Returning peace to the world

Everything has finally ended. Even my nuts and bolts have been reduced to mud
A feeble light illuminates the history of the land.


  • This song was released for a limited time during the Closed BETA, on 9 April 2016, 12PM to 1PM (UTC).


  • "Akari" (明かり) is a Japanese word, meaning "light" or "glimmer".
  • In all difficulties of the song, notes form the letter "P", which is a reference to the artist's name "纯白P".
  • The original version of the song is sung by the Chinese Vocaloid Xin Hua.
    • The in-game cover version is sung by the Japanese Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
  • The translation of the composer's name (纯白P) is ChunBaiP.

Helpful InfoEdit

Reign's QuickRun:
-This song has many basic elements of drag, swipe, and movable hold notes. Pay attention to the moving tracks in the 2nd chorus, as tapping the background track can cause you to miss.
-The end part of the song can be tricky as well and you may have to sacrifice several notes as OKs to FC this song.
— ReignOM