• Pipefan618

    VOEZ's new cover photo

    January 16, 2017 by Pipefan618


    can someone explain this?

    EDIT: turns out more deemo songs, plus cytus classics (i wanna call them that lmao) will be added in ver. 1.1

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  • Robonxt

    VOEZ Songs Download

    December 1, 2016 by Robonxt

    (To the admins and mods: If this is not allowed, please remove this. I don't want to get anyone in trouble)

    Edit: (February 10, 2018)  I have now uploaded the album to Mega, Please use the mega link for the Complete Youtube Album. This ONLY affects the Complete Youtube Album links.

    Edit: (February 09, 2018)  Because of limited storage space on my Google Drive, I might have to remove the Complete Youtube Album. I'll see if I can reupload them to another file storage host, but for now, please enjoy!

    Edit: (December 9, 2017)  Apperently there are new songs, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll try to upload them sometime this Christmas break!


    I had the chance to get all the VOEZ official songs and songs that are in the game right now.


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  • Pipefan618

    song chart differences

    August 30, 2016 by Pipefan618

    Ok, so i've observed that some songs have a chart difference between hard and special. (a great example is keep you safe) while other song's special charts are just harder versions of hard.

    Yes i know that the patterns between hard and special are different, but i mean how the tracks move is different, fyi...

    Here are the list of songs (so far) i've observed that have this case:

    • Keep You Safe
    • Wilt
    • Eastern Horoscope
    • Ancient Rose

    Can anyone point out other songs which have chart differences as well?

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  • Jaryu18128

    So this just got released...

    Here's a condensed version...

    So, what are your thoughts?

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  • MrGZJcool

    I have decided that I am not going to devote 100% of my edits solely on comments, so this is what I will do.

    I will manage:

    • Questions asked through Message Wall, as long as it is not something stupid, random or easy to answer.
    • Edit song pages and info and trivia as usual.
    • Placing banhammers whenever.

    I will prevent myself from replying to comments on Song Pages as I am getting tired moderating. If I do see something that is really off I will not hesitate to take action, but till then, that's it.

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  • Minorica11

    Got bored during school holidays, got nothing to do until I sees this :


    and This Profile Picture on Twitter...

    Suprisingly, both pictures are really really similar like Ocean...

    I didn't laugh, but seriously... This is worth it. :D

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  • Jaryu18128

    Just like the title says, I'm going to talk about these two things.

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    It's complicated. 

    Because the fancy, diamond-shaped template has a lot of drawbacks, we've decided to implement a new system of template. And yeah, since it's complicated, i'm going to show you how to do it properly.

    So we have 3 templates in this system:




    Go to a song page, add the template Song (source mode is recommended) and fill out these parameters:

    • img (Song's cover art)
    • Artist (Artist's name)
    • BPM (Song's BPM)
    • Length (Song's length)
    • Easy (Song's easy diff)
    • Hard (Song's hard diff)
    • Special (Song's special diff)
    • Easycombo (Song's easy combo)
    • Hardcombo (Song's hard combo)
    • Specialcombo (Song's special combo)

    Finishing this step will make later steps much easier.

    Create a new page, and name it Template…

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  • Minorica11

    Just browsing the internet and look what I found!

    Oh...... Am I dreaming? (Includes common, rare and super rare)

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  • Otakupingu

    This song is origanlly from cytus. It was about to become a voez song with this chart. But it was scrapped.(sheeeeiiit 1982 combo!!!?)

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    So, here are VOEZ soundtracks on Amazon

    New songs:

    • Hop Step Adventure☆ by ああああ茶漬け
    • Beat It Beep by Gowrock
    • Cerberus by Gowrock

    New songs:

    • Arcana by Spar
    • Twinkle Wink by Hurce & Sanaas
    • Scherzo by 権太夫 spooked ya GZJ
    • Soul in Call by Dachs
    • Go or Stay by Zris
    • Time Phase Pt.1 by Ayatsugu Otowa
    • Second Breath by Envy
    • Vieille Ville by モリモリあつし、Ujico*
    • SupaMax by Paul Bazooka
    • Shamisen Drives the Wind by Kitkit Lu
    • Yggdrasil by MYTK
    • Infinite Puzzle by Y Shin
    • Aquamarine by Cashew
    • The Longest Night by Euchaeta
    • ExtremeAttack by Hagane
    • Ancient Rose by Suu
    • Lv.0 by i.o
    • The Graduate by Subaco Akimoto
    • Brightnes…

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  • Minorica11

    Guys, there's one song which will be confirmed in VOEZ. The song title is Eastern Horoscope by rin. Can anyone make the page for this song? Video : [1]

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    With this, the images HAS to be around 1,366 × 768 pixels

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  • Nin10taku

    If anyone is interested in trying to join VOEZ, you can register through this link:

    Though if you're unsure if the link is unsafe, you can also check the VOEZ Facebook page:

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  • Moonsolol

    Screenshot page?

    February 20, 2016 by Moonsolol

    Hello. I won a VOEZ beta key on the Rayark Inc. FB page lottery, so I'm qualified to participate in beta. I'm wondering if I should post screenshots of the game on the 25th on a page for everyone to see.

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  • MrGZJcool

    Some New VOEZ Info

    December 13, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    So, the band is called PUMP.

    The game will be free but will have subscriptions to have access to all songs.

    There will be approx. 100+ songs by end 2016.

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  • NexusK2

    Perfect, Good, etc. judgement

    December 13, 2015 by NexusK2

    GZJ asks on FB how to know if we hit a good, great or perfect in VOEZ. So I examined those beta testing videos and I saw that some notes are when hit, it was just a diamond shaped thing but others when hit, they sparkles some little things. I dont know but that was what I noticed. I will add more info soon

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  • MrGZJcool

    The VOEZ background!

    December 12, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    With help from Facebook and Noo-Dhum's sharing...


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  • NexusK2

    Character Profiles...

    December 12, 2015 by NexusK2

    I just wanna add those... can I be an admin? if not, is there any other way to be an admin?

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