• Jul 01 - Rice Fields
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  • Jul 06 - Adventurous
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on 3 songs on Hard.
Stupid Chelsea:

Dad said I can go out and play, so when you're back to tend the shop, don't you get mad at me again!
Oh yeah, since it's finally summer vacation, did you invite your classmates for some bbq n' grill? I know the perfect spot~
— Lance

  • Jul 10 - Sharing
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 23,590,000
Voez cafe is definitely the best place to go during summer... with refreshing drinks and tasty pastries, Yuko feels just like in heaven! Might as well go there again tomorrow~

As for those two airheads Jessy and Ocean... where the hell have they gone? Didn't they agree to come and finish their homework? Where. Are. They?

How can they just ditch Yuko, I'm so sad >___<

But then... since we agreed to go out together next week, surely they haven't forgotten again?

Looks like I better remind them, just in case...

For friends who follow Yuko, next time you're in Lan Kong Town make sure to stop by at the Voez cafe~

  • Jul 15 - Outing
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 24,540,000.
Stupid Chelsea,

Why didn't you invite me to the barbecue?!

Today's your day to watch the shop and you run off to some barbecue! Hmph.
Maybe I'll just run off too - how'd you like that?

P.S. Qian Qian's birthday is on 10/9. Do you know how to make the cake for her?
— Lance
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  • Jul 15 - Communicate
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 25,510,000.
This time's barbecue really isn't too bad!
The place Ocean found is really nice ^^.
If only you could come......
You're not familiar I guess.
If you met them maube you'll become good friends.....
Everyone's easy to get along with!

  • Jul 15 - Worrying
Unlock requirements: Full combo 5 songs on Easy.
Everyone's easy to get along with!
Maybe later.
over there?
Are you still there?
Have you gone to eat?

  • Jul 15 - Oh No
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on 5 songs on Easy.
Diary... How could I have been so stupid, to get lost in the forest? I feel awful that I made everyone worry. On top of that, the rain washed out our chances to barbecue.

Thank goodness Jessy found my phone. No wonder no one was calling me... My phone was lying under a tree! I thought everyone had forgotten about me. I was shocked to see all the missed calls and messages, there were so many of them! But when I called him back, he seemed so anxious, like he was very worried... I feel really bad.

I should make him something yummy next time as an apology. Oh yeah... and Qian Qian, Yuko, ...Ocean too. *Sob* ...I made such a fool of myself today. Why am I such a dork? Diary, you gotta believe me! I didn't rush up and hug Ocean because I like him.

It's just because I was a bit cold from the rain and that place was kinda scary... then when I noticed I was standing right next to a bunch of gravestones, I totally freaked out! I have no idea how long I hid there. Of course I got pretty emotional hen I heard someone coming, so... so Diary, you gotta believe me, I only hugged Ocean because I was so scared.

That Ocean's a real jerk. He's always dozing off in class or running around looking for Jessy at lunchtime to talk about guitars or music. I have no idea where he goes when school is out. He just buys pork floss buns when he comes to the shop; he never tries my desserts...

Still, Ocean really is thoughtful, I'll give him that. But, listen, Diary. I prefer guys with more of a presence—ones who are polite and make a bit of an effort with their appearance. Of course they need to get good grades too. Yeah... They have to be ambitious and respect their parents.

Why am I telling you this? Diary, you couldn't possibly understand. OK, OK. One day I'll make some of his favourite pork floss buns and take them to him. After all, Ocean was really good to me...

  • Jul 15 - Rainy Night
Unlock requirements: Full combo a song on Hard. (?)
Oh no... the rain is about to pour hard.
Stupid Chelsea and the others surely brought their umbrellas?
I'm not going to send them over... at least not to that silly sister.
— Lance

  • Jul 15 - Thank You
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 27,510,000.
That! Stupid! Idiot! ...I'm totally freaking out.

Howcould someone be dumb enough to go in there alone?(╬ ゚Д゚)

I almost had a heart attack...

Luckily Ocean found her.

Yuko got to witness such a heartwarming moment(🌔ᴥ🌔υ)

Yuko feels so glad!

There's one other important matter we need to attend to today.

Which is...

Yuko is so hungry right now......

Yuko didn't eat enough at noon! >/////<

  • Aug 17 - Lan Kong Town
Unlock requirements: Full combo a song on Special.

  • Aug 21 - Lighthouse
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 29,590,000.

  • Aug 23 - Harbour
Unlock requirements: Full combo 3 songs on Hard.

  • Aug 24 - Summer
Unlock requirements: Full combo 3 songs on Special.
You asleep?
Today's photos are all organized, wanna take a look?
Maybe tomorrow, I'm thinking about the songs now.
Aww, it won't take too long!
I also took photos of Qian Qian and Chelsea too (´◉౪◉`)

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