Listen to my songs for a while, and then let's go get it done!
— Chelsea
Char chelsea
Gender Female
Birthday July 7th
Sign Cancer
Position Female Vocalist

Chelsea is one of the 6 main characters in VOEZ.


Chelsea is a delightful person to be with, a natural "MOE" where everyone enjoys hanging out with her. She grew up in the family's He Sheng Bakery, helping out alongside with her younger brother Lance. As she possesses talent and enthusiasm for creating desserts, even the stone faced Jessy finds it hard to resist and often "surrenders" to her delicious Mont Blancs. Chelsea aka Miss Happy Go Lucky's gifted voice was unexpectedly discovered by Qian Qian, as she her potential isn't just limited to baking pastries Qian Qian strongly encouraged Chelsea to join Jessy's band. Chelsea may seem unworried without a care for the world, but there's always a certain person that she keeps in her thoughts, so she goes to the lighthouse once in a while to release her inner feelings by her mesmerizing melodies.


Chelsea has a naturally warm manner and an open personality that puts people to ease. She's also a natural 'MOE', meaning everyone enjoys hanging out with her. Chelsea knows everything there is to know about making breads and desserts, and is the face of her parents' bakery.

Tons of people come into the store just to buy bread and other goodies from her.

Chelsea's enthusiasm is most evident in her role as class monitor. When something happens in class-no matter how big or small-she goes out of her way to find a solution and fix the problem; however, this often results in her struggling to help too many people all at once.

When about study and academic, Chelsea is very weak about this. As she has study with everyone in order improve her studies. She is also annoyed Lance when he skipping work.

When Chelsea joined the band as lead singer, her broad vocal range, powerful voice and ability to capture many different musical styles really helped to expand the band's playlist.


Trivia Edit

  • Her name in Chinese is "雀", meaning sparrow. The sparrow is the bird on Chelsea's purse and what Nan was based on.