Better to spend time making music than worrying about trivial stuff.
— Jessy
Char jessy
Gender Male
Birthday January 13th
Sign Capricorn
Position Guitarist/ Vocalist

Jessy is one of the 6 main characters in VOEZ.


Sitting on a bench outside Lan Kong Train Station is the young teen Jessy, who often displays a face that reads "Even if the world ends, it's none of my business". But when the topic changes to music, he opens up and will bend the ear of anyone listening to his excited chattering. Under the calm and collected stance you will discover a guy with a killer sweet tooth, his favorite dessert being Chelsea's Mont Blanc. Jessy often attracts the unsolicited attention of feral cats, although he doesn't seem to mind them surrounding him everywhere he goes, which is seriously some cuteness overload in comparison to his cool appearance.


Jessy was born in the USA and moved to Lan Kong with his parents when he was still in elementary school. In junior high he met Ocean, a cool kid with a big heart and amazing guitar talent, and the two began jamming together whenever they could. In high school they officially formed as a duo, and before long they were playing for large crowds at the Station Plaza. Through Ocean, Jessy met Qian Qian, a sweet girl who works at a local music store, and her good friend Chelsea, who helps out at her parents’ bakery.

Jessy generally appears calm and collected, but mention one of his favorite musicians and he completely loses his composure, chattering away excitedly and bending the ear of anyone who will listen. Still, he doesn't usually contribute much to ordinary conversations—his words are always measured and precise. But perhaps what's most surprising about Jessy is his killer sweet tooth, and that his favorite dessert is Chelsea’s Mont Blanc.