With enough practice, I can do anything!
— Lance
Char lance
Gender Male
Birthday December 16th
Sign Sagittarius
Position Drummer

Lance is one of the 6 main characters in VOEZ.


Lance was known as talented baker from a young age; sculpting delicate icing or blending pastries flavors prove to be no challenge for him. Receiving much praise from adults plus being at his prime of teen immatureness, both eventually resulted in his brash and unruly attitude. In some ways Lance respects (fears?) Qian Qian more than his big sister Chelsea, and he will faithfully obey anything Qian Qian says. It was love at first sight for him when he laid eyes on Yuko, and will develop hostile feelings towards other boys that get close to her. Something worth mentioning is that he joined the band under Qian Qian's encouragement, Chelsea's threatening, and the fact that Yuko was there. He often visits the arcades after school to play the drum machine, and this constant "practice" helped him to become extremely good at drumming and able to grasp the basics quickly.


A talented baker and academic overachiever, adults tend to see Lance as a model student-although in reality he is brash and unruly. He loves to play video and music games and often tries to sneak away to the arcades whenever it's his turn to watch the bakery, which generally causes trouble for his sister Chelsea.

Qian Qian knew he was extremely good on the arcade drum machine, which led her to introduce him to the band when it was formed. Through her he got to know many famous musicians, both local and international stars, inspiring him to start taking his drum-playing much more seriously.

In some ways, Lance respects Qian Qian more than his big sister Chelsea.


Trivia Edit

  • Lance made a brief cameo appearance in the VOEZ teaser, as he was seen baking in He Sheng Bakery.