Let's go get OUR dreams!
— Ocean
Char hess
Gender Male
Birthday August 22th
Sign Leo
Position Guitarist

Ocean is one of the 6 main characters in VOEZ.


Raised by a single parent, Ocean has always had a big, cheerful personality. When he's not in school, you'll often find him helping out his dad in the garage. Soon after he met Jessy, Ocean picked up the guitar and his talent quickly revealed itself. In high school, he and Jessy formed a two-piece band and were soon playing gigs far and wide.

With his simple, carefree attitude and happy-go-lucky nature, Ocean is always taking on other people's problems. He loves to help other's problem, thanks to Chelsea, he was the one who first suggested they form a band, and was the driving force behind their search for members and their musical progression.

Version 2 Edit

At a young age Ocean followed his father back to Lan Kong Town, where he met classmate and good friend Jessy during junior high. Thanks to him Ocean was introduced into the world of music, which quickly revealed his talent for the guitar and thus becoming leader of the guitar club. Together they formed a two piece band in senior high, with Ocean being exceptionally well at strumming chords. Ocean's cheerful personality makes it hard to be in a sulky mood whenever you hear his contagious laughter; he's just like that big brother watching over you who is extra caring, but when in presence of his crush Ocean turns to mush on the spot. He occasionally helps out his father in the garage after school, and his favorite food is the pork floss bun made at Chelsea's bakery; once he ate nothing but pork buns for a whole week to save up for a new distortion pedal.


Trivia Edit

  • Oddly, despite being one of 6 main characters in VOEZ, he was not shown in the VOEZ teaser along with Yuko.