I'd love to help in any way I can.
— Qian Qian
Qian Qian
Char qian
Gender Female
Birthday October 9th
Sign Libra
Position Keyboardist

Qian Qian is one of the 6 main characters in VOEZ.


Qian Qian is that girl with the glasses, whose uncle and aunt operate Ocean Breeze Music. As they have no children, they see Qian Qian as their own daughter and take good care of her, who's also become the store's little helper. She began learning piano at a young age, and teaches piano to earn some money to support her family. She may seem silent and solemn on the outside, but inside she's actually a considerate and thoughtful girl who often overthinks things and plays scenarios in her head all the time. Growing up with Chelsea and Ocean, she cherishes their longtime friendship very much. Qian Qian is secretly envious of Yuko's openness, and hope to express her emotions just as easily as she can.


Quiet and taciturn, Qian Qian is a gentle and considerate person. When she was young, an old relative who owns a music store taught her how to play the piano. Now she’s grown up, she helps out at the store and sometimes works as a piano tutor. Because of her reserved nature, she can’t bring herself to confide even in Chelsea, her oldest childhood friend. People just don’t expect her to share.

Kind-hearted Qian Qian always plays the role of caregiver among her friends. Not only did she help the band by discovering Lance, their excellent drummer, she also helped him realize his potential as a real musician, encouraging him to develop his skills and become more confident in his abilities.

She also helped him realize his potential as a real drummer and encouraged him to develop his skills, enabling him to grow confident as a musician. However, not being able to express her emotions fully is a constant source of frustration for her.


Trivia Edit

  • As shown in the VOEZ teaser, Qian Qian is shown working in a musical instrument shop, called Ocean Breeze Music.