Be more like Yuko - vibrant and full of energy!
— Yuko
Sasaki Yuko
Char yuko
Gender Female
Birthday October 27th
Sign Scorpio
Position Bassist

Sasaki Yuko (or Yuko Sasaki) is one of the 6 main characters in VOEZ.


Half-Chinese and half-Japanese, Yuko grew up in a happy, loving family. She's very pretty and, after being scouted by a famous modeling agency, has frequented the social circles of the entertainment industry since junior high. With her charming appearance and and her effortless modeling talent, she quickly rose to stardom and is now considered a teen idol. She hasn't let fame go to her head, though - but she still struggles with the constant attention from passionate fans.

Yuko moved to Lan Kong with her father when she was still in high school. That's how she met Chelsea and Ocean and came to join the band. Thanks to her background and contacts in the entertainment industry, Yuko often acts as the band's agent, helping to book gigs and other events.

Ver.2 Edit

The proud Yuko is of Taiwanese and Japanese descent, who accompanied her dispatched father to Lan Kong Town when she was in senior high and quickly befriended Chelsea there. Possessing an attractive appearance, Yuko often finds herself the center of attention no matter what kind of crowd she's in. So when she briefly encounters He Sheng Bakery's regular customer Jessy, his carefree attitude and different reaction from the other boys greatly piqued her interest and curiosity. She started taking up modeling in junior high, and met the bassist of a band on set while shooting their MV, which lead to her picking up the instrument herself.


Trivia Edit

  • Yuko was not shown in the VOEZ teaser along with Ocean.