And More or Less.png
作曲家 Sakuzyo
BPM 95
长度 1:45
难度 等级 总Combo
Easy 4 227
Hard 10 329
Special 14 478


  • 此曲收錄於曲包Sakuzyo Selection。


What is good in bang that's "true" M.C.
Whip be wounds and do my duty blow
Be stupid cause the name your studio
"Bristol" flow for my "Major B"

That have days does the way got a bee
Girls, women, nobody flood door
You are so a good geek
See me no more 

It in where are you from, it in where are you at
"Amateur" your song nest say not so flat
I kick the "meaning" farther no for that
Beyond and jumping "Yes" to saying "Black"

I don't know to stamp
Would you know I kicked "it"
My name is "K.T." in it what guess make
Rewrite Yo "K.T." what's the mine
Can I get over
Can I get over


  • 此曲的人聲為Picton。
  • 此曲亦收錄於BMS中,但並不存在於sakuzyo的任何一張專輯。