Flame Dark
作曲家 KIVΛ
BPM 138
长度 2:15
难度 等级 总Combo
Easy 2 143
Hard 8 229
Special 11 294

歌词(听写版,可能有误) 编辑

A whisper in wind is calling my name
Across all the years too far again who I am?

The time goes on
There's nothing we can change
All hopes will be like the flames
Vanish into darkness

A whisper's calling me

It's always calling me
In the distance
Until everything around me crumble completely 
I'm still waiting for what I can't see
Standing at where I'm supposed to be
The place forever forsaken
In memories
In memories

小知识 编辑

  • 这首歌在2015雷亚嘉年华中作为演示曲目出现。
    • 难度为3/9/?
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